Separate Bank Accounts

By Amy Morton Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows that money can be a major source of tension, conflict and potential breakup. A 2014 survey by “Money” magazine found that 70% of married couples argue about money — more than sex, chores or anything else. What’s more, the respondents cited “frivolous purchases” as their top gripe about their … Read More

Wisdom Through the Ages

By Jennifer Myers New Mexico woman from all ages were asked to consider what wisdom they might pass on to a woman 10 or 20 years younger than themselves. This is their advice to us. Arlene Espinoza-Armijo “Stay curious. I believe the fluttering questions of curiosity are your heart’s breadcrumbs to your calling. Take time to listen to people’s stories … Read More

Winter-Ready Skin

By Lindsay Rutland Since we live in such a dry climate, I find it important to switch up my skincare routine as soon as the temperatures drop. My skin always feels like it needs extra moisture and attention during the winter months. Over the years, I’ve made a few simple changes each winter that seem to make a huge difference … Read More

Order Wine Like a Pro

By Heather Hunter As we dive into a new year with smart resolutions and bold inspiration to stretch ourselves, it’s also an ideal time to expand our knowledge of wine and feel more empowered in this often-intimidating arena. You won’t likely become an oenophile overnight, but we’ve tapped the insights of local wine experts to help you look like a … Read More

The why’s and how’s of creating your Reverse Bucket List

By Robin Martinez The pint-sized ballerina dances around the living room, tutu twirling in an impressive show for her family who has gathered to watch. One last flourish, a finishing pose and an excited, “Ta-da!” These four little letters — Ta-da — convey so much! A goal met. A finished project. Pride in a job well done. Four little letters … Read More

Sweater Blazer Style

By Lindsay Rutland When it comes to fall fashion, it’s easy to get caught up in the season’s latest trends. Moody florals, jewel tones, and leopard print are all the rage this year. And while I love a good leopard print as much as the next woman, it’s important to also invest in staple pieces that can be worn year … Read More

Authentic Native Jewelry?

By Nora Hickey Whether you’re visiting Old Town Albuquerque or the Santa Fe plaza, you’re sure to see unique, stunning southwestern jewelry. Yes, the bright turquoise and silver look astonishing, but how can you tell if it’s the genuine article or an imposter? With the help of Shane Smith (Navajo), a trained jewelry authenticator at Shumakolowa Native Arts, housed in … Read More