Book Review: City of Girls

PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE, $18.39 Book Review Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest novel, “City of Girls,” is a delectable and raucous romp through New York City’s golden age of theater. Set in Manhattan against the backdrop of World War II, “City of Girls” is a coming-of-age tale of the black sheep daughter of a well-to-do family. Having disgraced them by dropping out of … Read More

Humor: Hide the Toilet Brush

By Hillary Ibarra We clean our homes differently for strangers. When a loved one stops by suddenly — seeing the clean clothes hamper strewn about the living room and dishes piled in the sink — we smile sheepishly as if to say, “You still love me, right?” But we care what strangers think! They don’t know our housekeeping skills can’t … Read More

Edible Western Flair

Milagros Guillen, self-taught cookie artist of Las Cruces’ Sweet Trails, is a bit western. And she wanted cookies that matched her style. When she couldn’t find any, she made her own. Now her sweet creations are a hit among the western set, garnering orders from national rodeo associations. She’s even designed a complete squash blossom necklace – all from cookies! … Read More

Thumb Cups

Artisan pottery offers earthy elegance. Corrales-based Hanselmann Pottery has been crafting hand-thrown stoneware since 1970. Their current most-popular item? Thumb cups, which fit perfectly to your hand with a thumb indentation. Each piece is made one at a time, in a process that takes 3-6 weeks. What’s more to love is that their local gallery operates on the honor system, … Read More

Book Review: The Testaments

PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE, $28.95 Book Review Fans of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will not be disappointed in the long-awaited release of its sequel, set in the dystopian otherworld of Gilead. “The Testaments” takes place 15 years after the conclusion of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a timely, and some might say prophetic, novel. In a patriarchal society, Gilead females are indoctrinated into an … Read More

Inspired Listening

Load up your device with podcasts that entertain and motivate. Here are a few staff picks.

Crazy for Conchos

Deanna Page, self-taught silversmith of Farmington’s DP Silver Co. loves conchos — belts, hat bands, everything. And we do too, now that we’ve seen them on rings! Available in small (pinky) and medium sizes. Stylish jewelry from a “hobbyist” who just began crafting with silver this year. IG: @DPSilverCo

Vases of History

Postage stamps become works of art in these pieces. From the day her husband brought her his stamp collection and asked if she could use it, artist Lynda Burch has created hundreds of art pieces with stamps and acrylics, using American postage stamps almost exclusively. See Lynda’s stamp collection in the Popejoy Hall Donor Lounge, 203 Cornell Dr. NE, Albuquerque, … Read More