Helping Victims Find Their Voices

Gina Yeager with DA Dogs Max & Beaumont in front of the Roswell Courthouse

By Robin Martinez Within 90 minutes of receiving the call, Gina and Lincoln were packed and leaving Roswell, their destination six hours away. With no idea of how long they’d be gone or who they might encounter, Gina knew only that people were hurting and she and Lincoln could help. Gina Yeager, Victim’s Advocate with the Fifth Judicial District (encompassing … Read More

Personal Safety Training

By Kelly Koepke In 1993, Trish Hoffman fled her Scottsdale life after two years of being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. She did everything right: filed dozens of police reports, three restraining orders and moved three times. But despite her efforts, he kept finding her. After a particularly scary incident where she and a friend were threatened with bodily injury, the … Read More