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Fresh Hope for Cancer Patients

Hobbs woman comforts with love-filled backpacks. The Fresh Hope Ministry at Crosswinds Community Church in Hobbs. Front row from left, Roberta Henderson, Evelyn Pereda, Lisa McNeill and Carla Whitley. Back row from left Frances Horton, Waynette Lester, Mick Cavanaugh, Yusheng Wu and Jim Horton. just a cyst.” As she hung up the phone, Lisa’s mind raced. “How do I start? Who do I call? I was … Read More


Caretaker helping elderly woman with walking frame

By Heather Hunter “Death is not scary,” says Ambercare hospice volunteer Ann Patterson. It’s merely the polar opposite of living and it’s as natural as birth. Every day, each and every one of us inches closer to our mortality. Talking about death, being with others in their final stage of life and understanding that death can be a beautiful experience are a few of … Read More

Jennifer Weiss-Burke

photo of Jennifer Weiss-Burke in front of Serenity Mesa

“It’s not just about the drug, but it is about the recovery.” PHOTO: New Mexico Woman


Deming moms launch children’s museum. Some of Play Sharity’s board of directors after signing the lease for the museum. (Photo: Courtesy Play Sharity) When Kalyn Blazak’s children were 2 and 3 years old, she had a chance encounter with another mom at a local park in Deming. Both moms commiserated about the need for a safe, interactive, indoor learning space … Read More


By Robin Martinez According to the Children, Youth and Family Department (CYFD), on any given day, approximately 2,300 children are in foster care in New Mexico. For comparison, that’s almost the same number of kids that are enrolled at Rio Rancho High School. If you’re considering becoming a foster parent, Carol Gloetzner, foster parent support specialist with CYFD, shares her … Read More

Shelley Repp

“If we can address homelessness at a young age, we can address the problem of homeless adults.” PHOTO: New Mexico Woman

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Bowling for Scholarships

Bowling volunteer helps kids earn college money. (Back row, from left) Coach Karyn Coffey, Alyssa Burks, Coach Lucy Delmore, Ryan Heaton, Rilie Delmore, Coach James Delmore, (middle) Jacob Delmore, (front row, from left) Destiny Gaps, Victoria Robinson and Xzavier Delmore.