Maybe It’s Hormones.

By Julie Schoen For a lot of women, a typical greeting seems to follow this script. While we feel fine, so many of us are constantly plagued by the feeling of being too tired, lacking energy and motivation, and suffering from that nebulous “fatigue fog” that keeps us from feeling our best. In fact, this feeling has become so normal … Read More

Exercise for Sanity

By Jordan Kuehne Diana Berger was depressed. Stressed about graduating and life after college, her senior year at Gonzaga University had taken its toll. One of the first things to fall by the wayside was her exercise routine. “I was generally unmotivated,” the 35-year-old Rio Rancho resident recalls. “It was difficult to get myself out of bed every day.” Diana’s … Read More

Dementia Support

BY Jennifer Myers She was in her late 70s the night her car got stuck in the sand somewhere on the West Mesa. She was alone. The drive from her son’s house in Bernalillo after dinner toward her home in Rio Rancho was a trip Elsie Howell had taken dozens of times, but that night she became disoriented. After nearly … Read More