JoAnna Johnston

I’m from Cleveland, which is very dark for part of the year. New Mexico’s 300 days of sunshine is important to me! My parents were moving here in 2003, and they were my babysitters at the time, so I followed along. The dry weather here is great for my allergies, and I love green chile and all the outdoor activities. … Read More

Jeanne Saxon

Even the fast-food places advertise green chile on their menu! I was raised in Phoenix, but came to Albuquerque from San Diego, California, in 1992. It reminded me of Phoenix, but had four seasons and snow. I’d never been around snow before! I remember, on a visit back to San Diego, I told my friends there that the state drink … Read More

Brooke Nutting

When I was 3, my dad moved our family to Gallup because he was tired of the snow in Durango, Colorado. In Gallup, he owned a motel and curio shop. I remember working in the curio shop selling kachinas and light-up teepees. When I was a teen, we moved to Albuquerque. I travel a lot, but every time I come … Read More