Graduating During COVID-19: Alicia Thies

What’s It Like to Graduate During a Pandemic?

We asked a few 2020 high school graduates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives. While we’re adjusting, we wanted to know how our local seniors were impacted. Imagine not being able to feel the typical completion of something you’ve worked 12 years for.

Here is a brief interview with Alicia Thies for her view.

  1. What high school did you graduate from?
    I graduated from Saint Pius X High School.

  2. If you have them, what are your plans for college?
    I will be attending UNM in the fall and majoring in education.

  3. What was the hardest part of completing your senior year remotely?
    The hardest part of completing my senior year remotely, was not being able to go to school and be around my teachers and friends.

  4. What did you regret missing the most from the end of your senior year?
    I think what I missed most were the things that come with being a senior like senior week, walking the stage at graduation, and being with my friends for the final days at school as well as the feeling that comes with graduating, knowing that high school was over.

  5. What did you take away from this situation that may help you in the future?
    I learned that life challenges you in ways you won’t always expect.