Give a little.
Help a lot.

Make microgiving easier and more
automatic with a “yes fund.”

By Amy Morton

These days, it’s not uncommon to encounter an opportunity for charitable giving on a near-daily basis. Perhaps your coworker is raising money for her child’s school or sports team. Or, maybe you see a plea for donations on social media. It could be a Facebook birthday fundraiser for an animal rescue group, or a GoFundMe campaign for someone who’s facing financial hardship following an illness or death in the family.

Sometimes all of these “asks” can be overwhelming, and you can find your heartstrings pulled just as hard as your purse strings. But what if you put yourself in a position to say “yes” more often — and to more causes that you care about — by creating a monthly budget for microgiving? For as little as a dollar a day, for example, you could set up a “yes fund” that enables you to give a $15 donation to roughly 24 recipients each year. Simply create a recurring monthly transfer of $30.41 to a free online savings account — Capital One 365 or Ally Bank are two examples — and the money will be earmarked for the next “ask.”

Make it two or three dollars a day, and your impact goes even further, all without having to agonize over the decision to say “Yes, I can help,” to either people or organizations when you feel called to do something. The money is already allocated, and you just have to keep track of your gifts throughout the year so you don’t overspend.

And, if you think your microgiving won’t make that much of a difference, think again. In 2018, donations from individuals totaled a whopping $292.09 billion, representing 68% of all charitable giving in the United States, according to GivingUSA.org. That far outpaced philanthropic gifts by either American foundations ($75.86 billion) or corporations ($20.05 billion). It is a host of individual Americans who give the most collectively, proving that small amounts can add up to billions of dollars.

24 Number of recipients you could give $15 to each year, with only $1 per day
68% Percentage of total charitable giving by U.S. individuals, versus foundations (18%) and corporations (5%)
$292 Billion Amount of charitable donations from U.S. individuals in 2018, according to GivingUSA.org