Shelley Repp

By the Numbers

Unaccompanied homeless youth in Albuquerque on any given night.

of all homeless youth will use “survival sex” to provide for themselves.
1 in 5
homeless youth will fall prey to sex traffickers.
years old is the average age of victims
into human trafficking.

individuals accessed services at
The Harbour during 2018.
volunteer-run organization

Shelley Repp

“If we can address homelessness at a young age, we can address the problem of homeless adults.”

PHOTO: New Mexico Woman

Shelley Repp

  • What is The Harbour?
    The Harbour is a homeless youth drop-in center, whose mission is to connect homeless youth with the services they need and divert them away from survival sex and vulnerability-based sex trafficking. “In our city, there are barriers for youth who need to access a homeless shelter,” says Harbour executive director Shelley Repp. “First is scarcity — there are only two shelters where unaccompanied minors can go. Second, once they reach the shelter, they can only stay a short time before a parent must be notified and
  • check them in. Unfortunately, there’s not always a parent involved… or the parent may be the reason the young person is on the street.” The Harbour provides showers, hot food, take-away food items, clothes, shoes, a computer lab and case management.
    Shelley’s background as outreach director at a local church earned her a spot on a statewide human trafficking task force in 2016. From there, she founded New Mexico Dream Center — of which The Harbour is a part. Shelley is passionate about personal development and loves to read.